Website Review! Mike Cole of AZ: WOW!

I feel somewhat qualified as a 3rd generation Arizonan (and avid chowhound!) to give an opinion on Mexican cuisine (totally allowing for indivudual taste).  I have been loving El Bravo for 15 years and it is my favorite among many, many Mexican places that I have dined at all around Arizona.  It is also my family’s favorite, hands down, and when by brother visits from Dallas and/or my son from Boston, they would rather go to El Bravo than sleep!  It is also my wife and daughter’s favorite, by far (and they are both very selective).  You will also see many well deserved awards proudly displayed there, including several Best of Phoenix prizes.

El Bravo offers so many excellent dishes but I suggest the green chili cheese crisp, green burro, any of the killer enchiladas, authentic beef  tacos, and the very special green corn chicken tamale with green sauce.  Don’t forget the guacamole (sp).  An awesome dessert is the sopapillas with honey and powdered sugar.  I love the consistently prepared food and the staff; guests who I take there frequently start their own tradition. 

Warning: Habit forming!  I sure hope this remains a guarded secret!  Oh, well, they deserve the kudos.



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