Our History ~

Once upon a time…

… in a land far away, well actually it wasn’t that far. In face most of you are familiar with this place… It is a very hot place that we locals refer to as the Valley of the Sun. Well in this Valley there was a very strong-willed, determined, fiesty lady that wished to leave her footprints(legacy) in the valley she LOVED so dearly. Carman Tafoya, better known as Grandma, wanted to creat a place where people could gather and enjoy the riches of fres hom made Mexican food. So in 1982 she purchased a little hole in the wall with enough room to squeeze in seven tables. Little did she know that in thirty years her restaurant would TRIPLE in size, expand to a Sky Harbor Airport Terminal, and become a multi year, award winning establishment with many, many returning customers.

Although the size of the kitchen never increased the stomachs of the customers did and has for many years! Grandma would like to thank you, the customers, for making El Bravo on of the most popular Mexican food restaurants in the Valley of the Sun.


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